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'Entr'acte is a musical term meaning 'the space between two acts'.  In that space between Andrew's music and my yoga we have combined to offer courses and free community events.  We look forward to welcoming you to an event soon.

'Changing The Light Bulb'

A personal development course held in The Cotswolds  


How efficient is your personal energy?

How bright is your 'Atma Vichara Experience'?

Are you a yoga student who wants to continue your personal inquiry?


So what is the course about?  - 'Changing the Light Bulb' or 'CTLB' as its come to be known, came about as a result of many yoga students feeling at a bit of a loss after completing Foundation Courses.  Some students had gone on to become student teachers but after having completed much essay writing, they too wanted to continue their own personal journey and keep their practice alive.  

Atma Vichara means Self Inquiry and this course is a further Journey towards helping you find out a bit more about yourself through asking the question 'Who am I?'    Based on a mix of Yogic philosophy, NLP and Buddhist  thinking, the course helps you to 'Clear some Clutter',  explore certain beliefs about yourself, refresh your discipline,  expand your awareness and shine a new light upon your daily practice.


Get in touch for more information.  


Social Evening - to be arranged for 2019.


Walks  - date & details to be confirmed.


Film Evenings

Andrew & I invite you to join us & other like-minded spiritual seekers to our occasional film evenings held at our home. 

There’s no charge for film evenings, but you need to let us know in advance that you want to come along as space is limited.   

Bring vegetarian supper to share.  


Our next Film Evening is on:   date & details to be confirmed.

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