Frequently Asked Questions ( + Terms & Conditions)


1.  What happens in a pregnancy yoga class?  How different is it from an ordinary yoga class?

Pregnancy yoga is gentler than general classes and is focused very much on you and your baby in preparation for labour and birth, using safe principles and practice.  You will be led through suitable exercises for each trimester which help develop breathing skills to aid relaxation and movement and gently assist your body in cultivating good posture, strength, balance & flexibility during the many changes that pregnancy brings.  You will also be shown various practices that help prepare you mentally, physically & emotionally for your birthing experience.    At each session you will also have an opportunity to share any concerns or information with other pregnant mums. 


2.  Payment

Payment is required in advance of the classes and payable in 4-week blocks.   For the last two weeks of your pregnancy you can pay as you go.


I’ve never done yoga before so is it okay to start now that I’m pregnant?

It is always noticeable when students have done yoga before and its great if you can start in a general yoga class before getting pregnant.  Many students though do start yoga during pregnancy and midwives often say they really notice the difference.   If you are new to yoga it is recommended that you start a specialist pregnancy class as soon as possible after 14 weeks and continue regularly until birth in order to benefit fully.   


3.  When can I start?

You can join the pregnancy yoga class after your 12 week scan, around 14 weeks until birth.


4.  Do I need to bring anything and what shall I wear?

Equipment is provide but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you wish.   Best to wear loose comfortable layered clothing. 


5.  Can I eat food before a class?

Do not eat a full meal for at least two hours before a class, but during pregnancy it is advisable to eat a light snack about one hour before attending (eg a banana & hot drink).  


6.  Can I just drop in to the classes on a casual basis?

I’m afraid not.   In order to benefit fully from classes it is expected that you make a commitment to attend regularly.  For this reason a block booking is for 4 consecutive weeks up until the last two weeks when payment is weekly.  Once you have secured a place in the class, it is expected, but not required, to continue to re-enrol every 4 weeks for the duration of your pregnancy with each payment being due on the last day of week four.   Non-payment may result in you losing your place.   Gaps between each booking will constitute withdrawal from the class and you will be required to complete a new booking should you wish to return and subject to space being available. 


7.  What about if I can’t get to the class or I’m away or go on holiday or ill, do I still have to pay for that class?

Yes.  An exception to this is antenatal hospital appointments so long as one full week's notice in advance is given or for emergency hospitalisation. 


8.  Must I inform you if I can’t make it to a class

It is helpful if everyone arrives in good time for each session.  If however you are late then please just slip in and relax for a few minutes before joining in.   If you know you are going to be away it is helpful if you  can let me know by email, text or phone.


9.  What about missed classes? Can I make them up?

It may be possible to attend one of my general classes during the 4 week period that you are booked in for, but you will need to check with me that space is available in a suitable class.     


10. Are refunds available?

No.  Refunds are only available if I cancel the class, or if baby arrives early.  


11. How and when should I book?

Bookings can be made at any time you feel able to commit.   You can also send your booking in advance of your 14th week in order to guarantee a place.   You will need to ask for a booking form and you will be placed on a waiting list and get confirmation of your place on receipt of your booking.  Payment is required along with your booking and in advance of the classes and payable in 4-week blocks.   For the last two weeks of your pregnancy you can pay as you go. 


12. Please Note:  When you book a place you are deemed to be accepting the booking terms, which are essential to the effective running of the classes.   Please do not be offended, in the event of you deciding to cancel or miss classes, by these terms being upheld.

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