Frequently Asked Questions ( + Terms & Conditions)


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1.  What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of personal development encompassing body, mind, and spirit.   The ancient art of Hatha Yoga exercises the body and quiets the mind through the use of postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), concentration and meditation.  Coordination, strength and flexibility can improve and as you develop a greater awareness of how you use your physical body, a more relaxed mind and a deeper understanding of your whole being will emerge, leading to immediate and practical benefits in the maintenance of health, reducing the effects of stress and aiding concentration and clarity.  


2.  What happens in a class?

Emphasis is placed on letting go of mental and physical tension.   You will be encouraged to work at your own pace through progressive gentle stretches and develop your physical ability with full awareness and respect for your spine, before moving into full asanas (postures).   Relaxation and simple breathing techniques are included and as progress is made you will be encouraged to develop asana and pranayama practices along with the use of sound and chanting, chakra work, Yoga Nidra, various concentration techniques and the use of imagery and meditation.     


3.  I’m not very flexible so would I be able to do Yoga?

Not all Yoga classes are the same so its important to ask questions and for this reason I offer a free consultation.  Whether you are in good health or have minor ailments or even more serious problems or injuries, Yoga can help improve your well being physically, mentally and spiritually whatever you level of flexibility.  


4.  Can I just drop in to the classes?
Unfortunately it’s not possible to offer drop-in classes, as space is limited.  This allows for continuity and a more personalised style of yoga making it more easily adaptable to individual levels of ability.  It also helps to build a mutually supportive group environment.   Priority booking is always given to existing students and full term’s fees are required to secure a booking.   However, if you are a new student  I offer a free consultation prior to booking and sometimes an exception to normal booking conditions might be possible whereby payment is accepted for half a term only (subject to space being available) but other booking conditions remain.   For information about Pregnancy Yoga FAQ's go to the Pregnancy Yoga link.


5.  What if I haven't done any Yoga before?
No problem, no previous experience is required or assumed in any of the general classes or in the pregnancy class.   The only exception is the Wednesday evening class, which is not suitable for beginners.   


6.  Do I need to bring anything and what shall I wear?

All equipment is provided for general classes, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you wish.   

Best to wear loose comfortable clothing.  We work in bare feet but bring socks and warm jumper to put on for relaxation.


7.  How soon can I join the classes?
With general classes you can join any time during the term whenever a space becomes available.  If no places are available at the time of inquiry in the class you want, then it’s a good idea to put your name on a waiting list and you will be notified as soon as there is space.  


8.  What about missed classes? Can I make them up?

If sometimes you can’t make your normal yoga class, it may be possible to attend another class of a similar level during the term if space is available.  


9.  Must I inform you if I can’t make it to a class or if I want to make up a missed class?

Yes please.   I need to know how many spaces I have available so I can offer the space to another student who might be looking to make up their missed class.   


10. Are refunds available?

Refunds are only available if I cancel the class.   However if I cancel a class but arrange an agreed alternative date and you book into that class but fail to turn up, then no refund can be given.  


If a student books before the beginning of a term and then cancels before the term starts a full refund will be provided less a 20% administration fee.

11. Is it possible to transfer or carry forward a booked course to a future term?
Unfortunately not.   Payment for courses is for the current booked period only and is not exchangeable or transferable to future terms or courses.  


12. What about if I’m away or go on holiday or ill, do I still have to pay for that class?

Only cases of emergency hospitalisation will be credited with a class.   Holiday absences count as a missed class and your place can only be held open for you by the fact that you have paid.  You are then eligible to ‘make up’ the missed classes at other times throughout the current term. 


13. I’d like to start yoga but what if I can't make the class times or attend regularly?
I offer individual sessions where I can design a tailor-made programme to meet your particular needs. This suits some people better, particularly when they do not have a regular schedule or the class times are not suitable. 


Please Note:  When you book a place you are deemed to be accepting the booking terms, which are essential to the effective running of the classes.   Please do not be offended, in the event of you deciding to cancel or miss classes, by these terms being upheld. 

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