Entr'acte: the gap between 'two Acts'

Yoga ~ Sound ~ Nada Yoga ~ Music ~ Chanting ~ Mantra ~ NLP

for the journey we make together

Yoga Group Retreats - Summer 2016

Here you can relax and totally clear the mind and immerse your senses in the pool, spa and sauna overlooking our pine wood, as well as venturing down into the organically rich woodland ravine and stream which meanders down to the lake. 

Bring mindfulness into your practice, deepening your understanding of 'Self' whilst enhancing Mind's clarity and awareness.  

By the time of your return to 'daily life', your motivation to utilise meditation both on and off your mat will have improved markedly.   In so doing you will bring back the gifts of peace, self-assurance and success into your  life, work and relationships.


Here's what previous visitors have said:

"it was a beautiful week".   “Thank you so very much for last week, I loved it”

 “I so loved it and needed it. I still feel chilled and am being mindful.”

 “thank you for a most wonderful retreat. One of the highlights for me was the picnic on Friday and the walk down to the river.  . . . I guess I am realising that the pace of life is constantly evolving and sometimes it flows quickly and you got to keep up. I have noticed other things too which seem to have come to my attention more than usual especially in the work environment but also outside of work too”.

Bring to yourself the simplicity of silence. 

Find happiness, creativity and purpose.

Explore sound & silence. 

Slip into that place which bypasses thought. 

Offer yourself  a new space to sense true freedom. 

Entracte - the transformative power of Yoga & Sound.

Entr'acte: the gap between 'two Acts'