"Books or classes often give the impression that there are prerequisites for the study of yoga…(however) we begin where we are and how we are, and whatever happens, happens…So let us not forget, we can begin practicing yoga from any starting point…  "                           The Heart of Yoga  – T.K.V. Desikachar


Jan's classes are small and friendly allowing for a more personalised style of yoga and making it more easily adaptable to individual students' needs and levels of ability.  A gentler approach that might include restorative postures, somatics or aspects of tai chi & qi gong.    My approach to asana (postures) has the emphasis on safety, good posture, core strength, breathing, relaxation and mindfulness, letting go of tension - 'undoing' rather than 'doing', working from the inside out, allowing the body to mindfully progress easily and gently into each posture at your own pace.   Occasionally the Wednesday evening class is extended in order to allow for a deeper and more nurturing experience of Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Meditation practices with a little yoga philosophy.   


A FREE consultation is available for all new students considering joining a class.   This allows you to ask questions and discuss any health issues and gives me the opportunity to suggest which class is most suitable for your needs.    Classes can be adapted and personalised to suit all levels.   Students with limited ability, health issues or under undue stress, may like to consider 1-1 sessions prior to integrating into a full yoga session.  

Please read FAQ's for further information or get in touch to arrange a consultation.  


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